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       Sikkim, a small state in India, lies between Nepal and Bhutan on the southern slope of
the Himalayas. The peaks include Pandim, Goche, Simiolehu and Kanchenjungha (8586m),
the 3rd highest mountain in the world, revered by the Sikkimise people as the guardian deity
of Sikkim. Previously it was an independent monarchy and the home of Lepcha, Bhutias and Nepalese
Although it is small, it has an amazing climate. It varies in altitude ranging from 244m to over 8540m; consequently, one will find here a drastic change in lifestyle of people and flora and fauna in a short movement across it


      Natural lakes and Hot Springs are nestled amidst the high peaks and are worshipped by the people of Sikkimise. Relaxing in one of these hot springs is an unforgettable event in one's life. A holiday in Sikkim will enrich your memories by providing scenes of gorgeously decorated Buddhist monasteries, featuring Lama dances with fierce masks, unique music and chants
       Gangtok , the capital of Sikkim with a population of 50,000, is situated at 1780m on a ridge above the Ranipool River. Sights include Enchey Monastery, the Royal Durbar, the Tsuklakhang(Royal Chapel), the Deer Park that contain a replica of the famous Buddha at Saranath in India. Other places of interest to visit around Sikkim are Rumtek Monastery - the seat of the Gyalwa Karmapa Lama and the sacred Tsom Go Lake.
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