Kathmandu valley is the most traditional as well as modern Nepal represent by Kathmandu 1536 which is the capital city of Nepal. The valley is an unexpected oasis, a green oval nestling beneath the highest mountains on earth. Containing thousands of mountains, shrines, temples, stupas and palaces including seven UNESCO world heritage sites is also dense with one million people. It is the major tourist attraction area. It is showcase of old art and architecture with a living, vibrant entity, nourished by old traditions and customs which continue, miraculously to this days. The valley is the traditional homeland of the Newari people with their own language, script and tradition consisting three Major cities Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, where you will find many attractions;
HANUMAN DHOKA________________
It is an old Royal palace of Kathmandu with its old temples and palaces. In the entrance you will find a honour statue, a brave monky assistance of lord rama. The good view of Kathmandu is seen from the nautale Durbar. Now it is a museum mostly related to king Tribhuban, Kastamandap is near by Hanuman Dhoka. It is said to be constructed from the wood of a single tree later the name of the city derived by that temple

Swyambhunath is one of the world's most glorious Buddhist Chaityas which is about 2000 years old and just 5 kms. from the city on the top of the hillock about 77mt above the valley. The painted seeing eyes of Lord Buddha on each side of the spire bases area think as the power separate guilt. There are 365 stone steps to climb up through a shady forest teeming with monkeys. There is also a small museum with some fire stone sculptures related to Shakyamuni Buddha

This is one of the biggest ancient stupa in the world situated in the north about 6 km from the city. It is very favorite of Tibetan people where Tibetan culture is both accessible and unhindered and the believe still remains that a piece of bone of Buddha is inside of the stupa.

Pashupatinath is the temple of lord Shiva, the god of destruction & creator, situated on the banks of Bagmati River and about 5 km far from the city. It is one of the most important Shiva Sites of the subcontinent which is Nepal's official protectors, invoked in royal speeches and cited on treaded and pledges. The temple has two tiered golden roof and silver doors with great architecture. Non-Hindu are not allowed to enter however the good view of the main temple is seen from the opposite side of the Bagmati river. In the festival Shivratri, the birthday of Shiva which falls on February /March many people come from all over Nepal and India. Near Pashupatinath another historic and holy temple of Guheshwori, goddess of Vagina is located.

Budhanilkantha is about 8 kms north of Kathmandu, at the base of Shivpuri Hill. The sleeping statue a lord Bishnu in reclining of the bed of snakes one of the masterpiece of stone sculptures an ancient Nepal


This ancient city of Patan also known as Lalitpur or the city of fine arts is separated from Kathmand by Bagtmati river only about 5 kms south-east of Kathmandu . The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments. Patan's Durbar Square is absolutely packed with temples, its an architectural feast with a far greater concentration of temples per square meter than in Katmandu or Bhaktapur.

This is another attraction in Durbar square area the Shikhara style of architecture of temple. More interesting thing if this temple is that is completely made of stone.

A few minutes walks towards north of Durbar square, this is located. There story golden temple of lokeshwar (Lord Buddha), built in the 12th century by King Bhaskar Verma. Inside the upper story ther are the golden image of lord Buddha and large prayer wheel. Kumbheshwor temple is situated north of D.S. which is five-story temple. This is noted far its time properties and elegant woodcarving. On the platform of the temple there are two ponds whose water is said to cmioe strength from the holy kaek gossaikunda and a ritual both held on the Janai Purnima around August.
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