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Nepal General Information:

Landlocked country, Located between china in the north and India in other  three directions.
Location: Latitude 26 Degree 12' to 30 degree 27', North, longitude 80 Degree 40', to 88 Degree 12' East
Area: 147,181 Sq. km.
Capital: Kathmandu
Population:  25.8 Million
Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Nepal had been ruled by Shah King, which was His Majesty's Government of Nepal until 2008. After several weeks' big protest of all political parties against monarchy, now it has officially become the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal from July 2008.
Nepal has been divided into Three Physiographic Areas: The Mountain region, Hill region and Terai region (Plain area).

Nepal Contains eight  of  Top 14 highest mountains : Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Manaslu.
Nepal is multi religious-country. The majority of the population in Hindu religion then Buddhism religion stands as second position. Here some of people who are Islam, Muslims, Christianity and few others...


 As Nepal has more than 101 ethnic groups, it has so many spoken mother languages as well as different cultures. In spite of having own language of each ethnic group, the official national language is Nepalese and people also speak Indian & English as a business language. Newar, Chhetri, Bahun, Gurung, Tamang, Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, Maithali are some of the ethnic groups of Nepal, which have their own customs and religion but they also respect the custom and religion of other's in the society.

The Main food of Nepal is Dal ,Vat and Tarkari, Dal stands for Lentil soup and Tarkari for vegetables. Non vegetarian people also preferred meat with the rice.
Nepal has different calendar which starts on mid April and lasts for 12 months but it also follows the English calendar.


 Nepal has mainly four major seasons ,which are: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Winter falls on December to February,  Spring is on March to May. Like wise  June to August and September  to November is the period of  Summer and Autumn respectively.


Bhaktapur Durbar Square (2 Days)

Nepal : All other : Trekking

The historical town, Bhaktapur Durbar Square is an assortment of pagoda and shikhara-style temples grouped around a fifty-five-window palace of brick and wood. This site is listed in UNESCO world heritage site on 1979.The square is part of a charming valley as it highlights the idols of ancient kings perched ...

Kathmandu Durbar Square (2 Days)

Nepal : All other : Trekking

Kathmandu Durbar square is in side the Capital city Kathmandu which was built in 16 and 17th Centaury and has listed as one of the eight Cultural World Heritage site by UNESCO in Cultural category, Kathmandu Durbar Square is a cluster of ancient temples, palaces, courtyards and streets that date ...

Pashupatinath Temple (2 Days)

Nepal : All other : Trekking

The oldest Hindhu temple Pashupatinath Temple Which is 5km north-east of Kathmandu. This temple, with its astonishing architectural beauty, stands as a symbol of faith, religion, culture and tradition. Regarded as the most sacred temple of Hindu Lord Shiva in the world, Pashupatinath Temple's existence dates back to 400 A.D. ...

Upper Mustang Trek (14 Days)

Nepal : Mustang Region : Trekking

Mustang is a good trekking destination, Specially most of trekkers visit to upper part of Mustang, to visit Upper mustang , Trekkers should have special trekking permit. Even though foreign visitors have been allowed to the region since 1992, tourism to Upper Mustang is regulated. Most tourists travel by foot ...

Bhotekoshi (0 Days)

Nepal : Annapurna Region : River Rafting

The Bhote Kosi river which flows from the Tibet and the Kathmandu - Lhasa Highway  Araniko Highway runs along beside the river. It is the beautiful for adventure trip with very steep and basically non-stop mountain river only 3 hours drives from Kathmandu offering tow days of intense and challenging ...

Trishuli River Rafting (0 Days)

Nepal : All other : River Rafting

The Trishuli River is the most easily accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Royal Chitwan National Park by far a trip on this river can be made for a varied duration, depending upon the availability of time and interest. Scenic valleys and impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and easier sections ...

Island Peak (6,160 m) (22 Days)

Nepal : Everest Region : Peak Climbing

6160 m height's Island peak is most  famous trekking peak, which is located in Khumbu region to the north east to Chhukung valley. British team had made first ascend to Island  Peak in 1953. There are two way of going to Base camp one starts from Jiri by driving then ...

Lobuje Peak (6119 m) (20 Days)

Nepal : Everest Region : Peak Climbing

The Lobuje Peak , Summit (6119 m) . It is a beautiful mountain which offers very good peak climbing experience for the climbers. The dark and rocky East face of Lobuje has located to the left side of khumbu glacier. Descending a marked notch and after ascending through snowy slopes ...

Mera Peak 6421 m (18 Days)

Nepal : Everest Region : Peak Climbing

Mera peak is one of the famous trekking peak having 6,654 meter elevation, which is located to the south side of  Mt. Everest. The trek to its base camp starts with the flight to Lukla and follows the trail Chhutanga the group will reach to base camp. If we have more ...

Papchermo Peak (24 Days)

Nepal : Everest Region : Peak Climbing

An attractive peak for climbing is Papchermo 6187 m, which can be reached crossing Tashi-Lapcha pass 5,755. To the west of the ridge the face forms a uniform snow slope broken by crevasses and small seracs rising from the rocky lower buttresses above the Drolambau Glacier. This peak has become ...